The Senmerv Website

In January 2013, the Senmerv website was launched to provide good information in the Persian-speaking world.

The Senmerv website is run by experts and scientifically interested individuals in various fields who wish to serve society. The focus is on topics that stimulate the human mind to think and are of benefit to the public.

This includes areas such as the history of civilisation, the formation of the earth, various humanities, management and much more. An important part of the website is devoted to experimental sciences such as physics, geology, biology, health and general medicine. Mathematical sciences and their various branches will also form a significant part of the content.

The Senmerv website offers reliable content that is carefully selected to be useful to the public. The information is presented in a generally understandable way without going into too much detail. The aim is to provide quality content and to promote general interest in science and research in society. The opinion and help of the users are valued and are of great importance in this respect.

The Senmerv website stands for high quality information and helps to promote knowledge and interest in various fields in the community.
June 16, 2023

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